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Top 5 Best Road Trips in Odisha You Must Travel

best road trips in odisha
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Are you searching for an adventure/ road trips in Odisha?

Everyone is searching for a road trip on their weekend or to explore their ride with many adventure routes. It’s all about starting planning for your trip, packing your bags, keeping essential things, creating a playlist, and planning with your friends, and family. Odishaat explores the 5 best road trips in Odisha you must travel in your lifetime.
These road trips are full of adventure, hill points, wildlife sanctuaries, coastal and explore the dangerous ghats of Odisha. After making these trips recently in Odisha, I’ve put together comprehensive guides to the great stops, breathtaking sights, and sense of unbelievable freedom you can find if you travel on these roads.
Whether you’re planning an Odisha Road trip, you must travel through a Bike or personal vehicle during the daytime to enjoy the road trip. This blog will guide you through the route, stops, and distance covered. By the end, you’ll be ready to plan your road trip itinerary. Winter is coming so why not plan a road trip with your loved ones! We are suggesting everyone travel through Bike to explore more places during your road trip and also you’ll enjoy nature with your ride.

Here is the List of Top 5 Best Road Trip in Odisha you must travel:

1. Jeypore to Deomali Bike Trip:

Total Distance: 82 KM
Duration: 3-4 Hours

jeypore to deomali bike trip
Deomali, located in Koraput district, is known for its natural beauty, lush landscapes, and serene surroundings. A road trip to Deomali can be a wonderful way to explore this off-the-beaten-path destination.
This is one of the best destinations in Odisha and you will cover 96 KM and the most famous Eastern Ghat “Deomali Mountain Hill” with a height of 1600 m. A famous road trip for the bikers and you’ll enjoy the hill points here. Some parts of the road are narrow and winding and you will travel a 15 -20 km area with ghat.
A road trip to Deomali allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Odisha’s Eastern Ghats. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a trekking enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, Deomali has something to offer for every traveler.

2. Jeypore to Visakhapatnam via Araku Valley Bike Trip:

Total Distance: 214 KM
Duration: 7-8 Hours

jeypore to visakhapatnam via araku valley bike trip
A road trip from Jeypore to Visakhapatnam via Araku Valley in India is a picturesque journey through lush landscapes, rolling hills, and the breathtaking Araku Valley. This route offers a delightful combination of natural beauty and cultural experiences. Whether you are a biker or travel by car, this amazing road trip will put a permanent place in your heart.
If you want to stay one day in Araku Valley, you will find an excellent resort here with local foods. You must book your hotel/resort through 
The route from Jeypore to Visakhapatnam via Araku Valley is as follows:
  1. Jeypore to Araku Valley: This section of the route is approximately 100 kilometers long. The road is well-maintained and winds through the Eastern Ghats. There are several scenic spots along the way, including the Borra Caves, the Papikonda Lake, and the Ananthagiri Hills.
  2. Araku Valley to Visakhapatnam: This section of the route is approximately 180 kilometers long. The road is also well-maintained and winds through the Eastern Ghats. There are several waterfalls and tribal villages along the way.

3. Bhubaneswar to Raygada Bike Trip:

Total Distance: 400 KM
Duration: 8-9 Hours

bhubaneswar to raygada bike trip
If you’re looking for an exhilarating journey, the road from Bhubaneswar to Raygada is a must-do, with its winding mountain roads, dramatic ghat views, and wildlife encounters. To get the most out of the 400-kilometer journey, we recommend traveling by bicycle or car during daylight hours. This will allow you to experience the scenery and enjoy every moment of the trip.
The route from Bhubaneswar to Raygada is as follows:
  1. Bhubaneswar to Digapahandi via Asika: This route is approximately 203 kilometers long. Embark on a memorable journey from Bhubaneswar to Digapahandi, passing through the charming town of Asika. This scenic route promises a delightful adventure filled with breathtaking landscapes and cultural experiences. 
  2. Bhubaneswar to Digapahandi via Brahmpur: This route is approximately 210 kilometers long. This route is the fastest route and mostly you’ll travel 170 kilometers through NH16.

4. Konark - Puri Marine Drive Bike Trip:

Total Distance: 37.7 KM
Duration: 1 Hour

konark to puri bike trip
If you’re looking for a coastal road trip that offers beautiful views of the Bay of Bengal, Konark to Puri is the best choice for you. However, the road journey between Konark to Puri is scenic and you can enjoy picturesque coastal views along the way. You will find many tourist places on your marine drive road trip. 
  1. Konark Sun Temple
  2. Chandrabhaga Beach
  3. Eco retreat
  4. Ramachandi Temple and Beach
  5. Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary
  6. Balighai Beach
The Konark to Puri marine drive is a sensory feast, offering a visual symphony of sea and sky. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or someone seeking a peaceful escape, this coastal road trip promises an unforgettable experience. As you conclude your journey in Puri, you realize it’s not just about reaching a destination; it’s about the memories etched in every curve of the road and every wave that whispered tales of a timeless coastline.

5. Bhubaneswar to Daringbadi Bike Trip:

Total Distance: 247 KM
Duration: 5 Hours

bhubaneswar to daringbadi bike trip
Daringbadi also known as “Kashmir of Odisha” is one of the most famous road trips if you are planning to enjoy a short and adventure trip in Odisha. The road trip from Bhubaneswar to Daringbadi is a mesmerizing journey that transitions from the cultural hub of Bhubaneswar to the misty hills of Daringbadi.
There are two primary routes connecting Bhubaneswar to Daringbadi, each offering a distinct journey. The first route takes you through Nayagarh, where you can traverse the scenic landscapes without encountering any toll gates. This path provides an adventurous exploration, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a thrilling road trip. If you’re on a motorcycle, the journey becomes even more exhilarating, turning the ride into an unforgettable adventure.
Alternatively, the second route, via Khallikot and Asika, offers its own unique charm, making the choice between the two routes a delightful dilemma for the avid traveler.

So, Are you excited about a Bike trip in Odisha? Planning for an adventure road trip?

The road trip from Bhubaneswar to Daringbadi is not just a physical journey; it’s a voyage of contrasts and discoveries. From the ancient temples of Bhubaneswar to the mist-covered hills of Daringbadi, every mile traversed tells a tale of the diverse beauty that Odisha harbors.
Whether you seek cultural richness, natural serenity, or a break from the routine, this road trip promises an immersive experience that lingers in your memories long after the journey concludes.
Traveling on the roads of Odisha is like unwrapping a gift of beautiful sights and unique experiences. Whether you’re visiting the ancient temples in Puri, cruising along the Coastal area, or exploring the forests of Koraput, each road trip is a mix of culture and nature. From the impressive Konark Sun Temple to the Daringbadi, Odisha has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, start your engines, and get ready for a simple yet unforgettable journey through the diverse landscapes and rich heritage of Odisha!

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