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Adivasi Mahostav | Adivasi Mela – Tribal Festivals of Odisha

Adivasi Mela
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About Adivasi Mela / Adivasi Mahostav:

The Adivasi Mela, also known as the Adivasi Mahostav, is a significant cultural event held in Odisha, India, showcasing the diverse tribal heritage, culture, traditions, art, and crafts of the indigenous tribal communities of the state. The phrase “Adivasi” refers to the indigenous or tribal communities in India.
The Adivasi Mela is organized by the Government of Odisha, particularly by the Department of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes (SC & ST) Development, along with various tribal welfare organizations and local authorities.
The primary objective of the Adivasi Mela / Adivasi Mahostav is to celebrate and promote the cultural heritage of the tribal communities of Odisha. It provides a platform for these communities to showcase their traditional practices, craftsmanship, folk dances, music, cuisine, and art forms to a wider audience.
During the Adivasi Mela, visitors can expect a wide range of activities and attractions, like cultural performances such as traditional dances, songs, and theatrical performances depicting tribal life.
Adivasi Mahostav
There are also exhibitions and stalls showcasing indigenous crafts, handlooms, artifacts, tribal cuisine, medicinal plants, and other products made by tribal artisans and entrepreneurs.
Additionally, there may be workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions aimed at promoting awareness and understanding of tribal culture and issues.

Adivasi Mela Time & Vanue:

Adivasi Mela celebrated 26 January every year. It is scheduled from 26 January to 9 February every year.
Adivasi Mahostav


Adivasi Mahostav
Adivasi Mahostav

Purpose of Adivasi Mela:

Odisha has the largest number of tribal communities in India. There are more than 62 tribal communities in Odisha in different districts.
You can find Various tribal products like tribal home decor products, spices, wooden materials, stone materials, and forest products are very popular in Odisha Adivasi Exhibition.
The main aim of Odisha Adivasi Mela is to increase the popularity of Tribal people, Tribal Culture & Tribal product which is now a day’s almost invisible. Tribal people have their own style of handicrafts design so this Adivasi Mela is a suitable place for them. Odisha always celebrated Adivasi Mela from 1951 to still now on Republic Day.
Adivasi Mahostav image 1
Adivasi Mahostav
Adivasi Mahostav
Adivasi Mahostav



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