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10 Best Reasons to visit Odisha at least once – Explore Odisha Tourism

10 best reasons to visit odisha
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Traveling to Odisha is like moving to heaven; Odisha is the best tourist place among all Indian states. Odisha state dotted with different cultures, scenic islands, sea beaches, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, traditions, waterfalls, temples, and many more. Odisha is famous for its oldest name Odra, Utkala, Kalinga, Tosali, and Kosala.
Start your trip to Odisha and experience the best ten things in Odisha. We are here to share with you why you should choose Odisha as your best holiday place.

Here are the 10 Best Reasons to visit Odisha at least once:

Odisha Culture:

Define the culture in Odisha; it is the mix of every tradition which defines Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Odisha has the oldest culture globally with several festivals, different tribals with their specific culture, and different languages in different places.
Every month Odisha celebrated different festivals like the Chariot festival (Ratha Yatra), Dhanu Yatra, Danda yatra, Kartika Purnima, Kumar Purnima, Raja Parba, Dussehra, Holi, Ganesh Puja, Kali puja, Diwali, and many more.

Odisha Handicraft & Art:

If we are talking about the Handicraft and ART work in Odisha, Puri is the best state in Odisha of all. Pattachitra, Sand art, handloom saree, Jhoti, Muruja, Applique work, painting, wall painting, papier-mache, Bell metal & brass handicraft, Stone craving, Silverwork, textile work are the primary income of people in this state. 
You can find the most common handicraft and artwork in the Puri district. Pipili, Raghurajpur is well known as the Artist village of Odisha.
Sarees and other Fabrics: Odisha is well known for its Handloom saree and artwork in the world. Sambalpur district is famous for its handloom cotton saree & fabric work.
Silver & Filigree work: Cuttack is famous for its silver & Filigree work from the last 200 years. Cuttack is well known for “Tarakasi work,” which we use as a pendant and earring. It’s a traditional ornament in Odisha.
Stone Carving: Stone carving is the major handicraft in Odisha. You can find many temples in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, and many other districts.  
Konark temple is the best example of this handicraft art made in the 13th century. The complete architecture of this temple is made of chondrite stone.

Tribal Culture:

You can still found tribal culture in Odisha. 
Bonda, sauras, kondh, santhals, gonds, and many more tribal people are still following their tribal culture. During the festival time, you can find their local food, dance, culture, ornaments, and many more.
Among all the tribal people Kondh, Sauras, and Bonda people are the largest tribe in Odisha. You can find the tribal people in Kandhamal, Malkangiri, Koraput, Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh, Gajapati, Rayagada, and Nabrangpur district of Odisha.
You can purchase the tribal Product from many shopping sites or visit the local area and purchase during the festival times.

Odisha Dance Tradition:

If you are interested in classical dance in Odisha, Odissi is a perfect classical dance among all the Indian classical dances. This dance originated from old Indian temples.
Apart from the Odissi dance, there are many other classical dances performed by other districts in Odisha. Chhau dance, Chaiti dance, Danda dance, Changu dance, Medha dance, and Karma dance are the familiar classical dance in Odisha. These are the seasonal classical dance performed in Odisha.

Odisha Temple:

If you are a temple lover or love the old architecture temple, then Odisha is the best place to start your journey and start learning about history. Konark temple, Rajarani temple, Jagannath temple, Lingraj Temple, Mukteswara Temple, Kedar Gouri Temple, and Parsurameswara Temple are the best examples of a great architectural temples. A 1000-year-old temple tells you 1000 of story and 100 attacks over this temple.

Sea Beach & Lake:

Odisha has the longest coastline, surrounded by more than 400 km, and is spotted with India’s most beautiful sea beach. Some of them are the most beautiful sea beach in the world.
Starts from sonpur beach (Brahmapur), Gopalpur beach (Brahmapur), Golden beach (Puri), Chandra Bhaga beach (Konark), Talsari beach (Baleswar), Chandipur beach (Baleswar)
Apart from the sea beach, you will find a beautiful lake inside the state. Chilika lake is one of the world’s most famous lakes which attracts visitors the most. You can find many islands inside Chilika lake.
  • Nalabana
  • Breakfast Island
  • Honeymoon Island
  • Birds Island
  • Rajhans Island
  • Kalijai Island
  • Satapada Island
Tampara lake, Ansupa lake, Dandadhar Lake are also the most famous sweet water lake in Odisha.

Buddhist place:

You can find thousands of Buddhist sites in India, but Odisha has a very famous Buddhist point with a beautiful side view.
Six best Buddhist sites:
  • Dhauligiri
  • Chandragiri
  •  Lalitgiri
  •  Ratnagiri
  • Udayagiri
  • Khandagiri
Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri & Udayagiri: These three places are called the Diamond triangle or Buddhist triangle of Odisha.

Wild Life Sanctuary & National Park:

Odisha is home to the wildlife sanctuary and many more tourist sites you can find different and unique features.
It is the only turtle sanctuary and bird sanctuary. Here is a list of all Wildlife sanctuaries and the National Park list. You may start your journey.
Are you interested to know about the wildlife sanctuary in Odisha? Must read our most visiting blog.

Two National Park in Odisha:

  • Bhitarkanika National Park – Kendrapara District – Famous for the salt crocodile
  • Similipal National Park – Mayurbhanj District – Famous for the Royal Bengal tiger and Melanistic tiger

Best 15 Wildlife sanctuary:

  • Belghar Wildlife sanctuary – Phulbani District
  • Balukhand Wildlife sanctuary – Puri District
  • Nalabana Bird sanctuary – Chilika – World famous bird sanctuary
  • Gahirmatha Marine sanctuary – Kendrapara District – India’s only turtle sanctuary
  • Satakosia Tiger reserve – Angul district
  • Hadgarh Wildlife sanctuary – Keonjhar District
  • Karlapat sanctuary – Kalahandi District
  • Kuldiha Wildlife sanctuary – Baleswar District
  • Baisipalli Wildlife sanctuary – Nayagarh District
  • Lakhari Valley Wildlife sanctuary – Ganjam District
  • Badrama Wildlife sanctuary – Sambalpur District
  • Sunabeda Tiger reserve – Nuapada District

Waterfall in Odisha:

Odisha is the best place to explore the new unexplored area. If you explore Odisha’s waterfall, you’ll find 100+ waterfalls in every area of this state.
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Here is a list of the best waterfalls in Odisha.
These are the most famous waterfall in Odisha. Start travel and explore the unexplored area of Odisha and comment on us.

Food & Cuisine:

Odisha is a complete package of food and a journey. You’ll find new dishes if you travel to new places. Odisha has a taste of new dishes in every district, along with its new culture.
You must try this Odisha food if you’ll ever travel to Odisha.
  • Dalma
  • Pakhala Bhata (Most famous local food)
  • Puri Abhada
  • Dahi Vada & Alu Dam
  • Chhena Podo – A traditional sweet of Odisha
  • Rasgulla
  • Rasabali
  • Santula
  • Arisa Pitha
  • Kakara Pitha 
  • Manda Pitha
  • Chakuli Pitha
  • Mudhi- Mansa (Mudhi + Motton)
  • Chhena Jhili
  • Gaja
  • Kankada Tarakari (Crab Curry)

Hotel Booking in Odisha

So tell us what you like most of you have traveled to Odisha in your past days? Comment here if you recommended any new places or new food for us.
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