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10 Best Places to Visit in Koraput District

places to visit in koraput
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From a tourism perspective, Koraput is a significant district for Tourister and a major tourist place for Odisha. Koraput is surrounded by hills, mountains, forests, and waterfalls. So the question is what are the best places to visit in Koraput district?
For travelers who are in search of an adventure tour, Koraput is the best attraction for travelers. You will find many wild animals, medication plants, coffee & Tea plants, Eleusine coracana plants, etc., at Koraput. Today we are discussing the 10 best tourist places in Koraput.
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More than 50+ tribal communities are living in forest areas of Koraput. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries and different states of India travel to Koraput to explore this place. Foreigners are traveling to Koraput only to explore the Tribal community and Medication plants.
Nowadays, travelers are interested in exploring the Mountains and Waterfalls for Trekking and Hiking. Koraput welcomes travelers who are in search of adventure tours.
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Let's begin with the 10 Places to visit in Koraput:

1. Gupteswar Cave:

The Gupteswar Cave is a famous temple located inside a cave high up on Ramgiri Hills. Gupteswar cave is renowned for the Lord Siva temple. The prime attraction of this place is naturally formed Sivalinga, which size increasing day by day.
Apart from the Sivalinga, this place is surrounded by Caves. Visitors from over India come to this place to discover the inside of these caves. It is believed that Lord Ram came to this place and worshiped this temple. This temple is surrounded by a sal tree, Sandal tree, and Kolab river.

2. Duduma Waterfall:

duduma waterfall
Duduma Waterfall is one of the most significant waterfalls in Odisha. The 3rd highest waterfall (547 ft.) in Odisha after Barehipani waterfall and Khandadhar waterfall. Machkund River forms this waterfall; A 120 MW, Hydropower plant project is going on.
Duduma Waterfall is a perfect place for nature lovers and people looking for a picnic start exploring this place. You can find many Tribal cultural people in this place. Mostly Bonda and Adibasi people are living in the Machkund area.

3. Deomali Mountain Peak:

When you search for the mountain with the highest peak in Odisha, Deomali Mountain Peak is the best among all the hills. Odisha’s highest mountain peak Deomali is located in Potangi, Koraput, which is called the highest peak of Odisha. If you are planning for Hiking and trekking, Deomali Hill Point is the perfect place for you.

4. Sabar Srikhetra Jagannath Temple:

The Koraput district’s primary attraction is Jagannath Temple, which is popularly known as Sabar Srikhetra, named after the Sabar tribe who built it. This temple is a replica of Puri Jagannath Temple, Puri, which has Anand Bazar, Swarga Dwara, and many more small temples. You will enjoy it once you reach this place. Cool-weather, less traffic, mountains are surrounding the town, a beautiful garden, a perfect relaxing spot for travelers.
A spiritual place of Koraput district.

5. Dumuriput Hanuman Temple:

A small village Dumuriput is located between Koraput and Sunabeda by NH-26 is famous for its highest kneeling Hanuman statue in Odisha. This place is renowned for Shree Ram Temple. On the day of the Ram Navami festival, Dumuriput attracts thousands of devotees.

6. Punjisil Waterfall:

punjisil waterfall
You may travel to a lot of waterfall in your locality, but Punjisil Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls for travelers. This waterfall is located in Koraput district and 25 KM far from the Koraput Town.
Punjisil is a village located in Dasmantapur Block, Koraput. A perfect picnic place for all the travelers to start exploring this waterfall.

7. Rani Duduma Waterfall:

Rani Duduma is a beautiful waterfall in Koraput District. This waterfall is around 45 KM from Koraput town and 11 KM from the Nandpur location.
After ruling the Nanda Dynasty of Magadha, this place is popularly known as Nandpur, and this waterfall is named Rani Duduma Waterfall. History says, Nanda dynasty is staying at this place, and one of the famous tourist places in Nandpur is Batrish Singhasan.

8. Batrish Singhasan:

The king of Jeypore, Sri Vikramaditya, used this place for administration. This place also popularly names Vikaramadityas Batrish Singahsan. There is an old Shiva temple from the 13th century and a famous Buddhist site. You can find Hati Pathara, an elephant type stone located on the way to Rani Duduma Waterfall.

9. Tribal Museum:

Find the tribal culture of Koraput in the Tribal Museum. The Tribal Museum is set to preserve the cultural heritage and local tribe products such as arts, crafts, dances, and music. This museum has a collection of weapons, tools, clothes, ornaments, and the local tribal people’s wooden products. Outsiders are always exploring a new place to get the right details, and finding Tribe culture in one place attracts specifically Foreign visitors.

10. Kolab Dam & Botanical Garden:

Kolab Dam is a famous attraction place in Jeypore. The botanical garden placed beside the Kolab reservoir is a major tourist place in Koraput. Tourists come to this place for picnics and boating.
A huge water reservoir is on top of the hill known as Upper Kolab with a 4 x 80 MW Hydropower plant project going on Kolab Hydro Electric Project.


These are the 10 major tourist places in Koraput District. Apart from that, you may find a lot of tourist places in Koraput. Comment here for more details about the top 30 places to visit in Koraput.
So why are you waiting for? Leave from work and explore the tourist places in Koraput. If you are planning to book a Koraput Tour, click here for more details and pricing. We are also providing a complete Koraput Tour Package with accommodation.

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